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Gas Heating and Evaporative Cooling plus much more

Gas Heating

Ducted Gas Heaters, Gas room heaters, Gas log fires, Portable flueless heaters.

  • General Service includes;
  • Clean and visual inspection of burners
  • Check and test ignition system
  • Check and test flame sensors
  • Inspection of heat exchanger
  • Check and test combustion fan
  • Check and test room fan
  • Check operating gas pressures
  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Report any signs of corrosion, cracking or general wear and tear.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

General Service includes;

  • Scrub and wash tank reservoir
  • Brush and hose filter pads
  • Clean and adjust water level sensors
  • Check float and adjust if necessary
  • Visual inspection of all components
  • Test unit operation to ensure everything is in good working order.

Gas Fitting

  • Gas leaks – Investigation and repair
  • Gas Hot Water service, repair installation
  • Cooktop installations

Annual Maintenance Program

We highly recommend taking advantage of our annual maintenance program where we contact you on a yearly basis to organise a General Service. As part of this Program you will receive considerable savings on your annual service, reducing unnecessary breakdowns and ensuring that your unit is operating at its peak efficiency.

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